The best life with incontinence

Incontinence is one of the biggest challenges in the health care sector. Continence care is time-consuming and physically demanding for health care providers. For residents, incontinence may cause physical discomfort and a reduced quality of life.

ABENA Nova with MediSens improves quality of life for people in healthcare institutions and reduces the workload of healthcare employees. Thanks to the innovative and unique wearable sensor technology, ABENA Nova provides real-time and actionable data for timely and personalized continence care. 

Explore the benefits of digital continence care

Personalizing continence care with digital technology

ABENA Nova's incontinence product has integrated sensors and a personal clip that measures saturation. The clip transmits information via Bluetooth and 4G network to the WetSens Monitor app, which is installed on the caregivers mobile device. The app allows caregivers to track saturation levels and take timely action when it is time for a change.

The intelligent continence aid fuses the high-quality products from ABENA with innovative technology from MediSens.

How it works

  1. Accurate built-in sensors: Residents wear an ABENA Nova incontinence product with integrated sensors and a small attachable clip.

  2. Stable infrastructure: Data is transmitted to the cloud irrespective of the facility’s physical environment and IT setup.

  3. Real-time actionable insights: caregivers are notified (via mobile device) and take action.

"Innovations like the intelligent diaper can improve the quality of life, sense of freedom and self-reliance of our clients.”

-Ms. Greet Prins, Chairwoman of the board, Philadelphia Zorg

Unique results demonstrated

Case studies at nursing homes and institutions around the world have demonstrated the unique characteristics of ABENA Nova. 

Find out how Philadelphia Zorg in the Netherlands experienced ABENA Nova. 

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