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Continence care is essential

Quality care does not have to cost more

Reduce the workload of continence care. Free up time for quality care.

Continence care is an essential and time-consuming part of the daily care routines in nursing homes and specialty care institutions.
What if some of this time could be spent on other care activites?

ABENA Nova is

Increasing number of elderly

At a time, with an increasing number of elderly people and a decreasing number of caregivers, we have to ask ourselves; how can we maintain and improve the standards of care? It is time to rethink continence care. 

Happy residents & relatives

Dignified care, improved skin health and improved quality of life.

Sustainable choice

Reduced incontinence products makes sustainability effects considerable.

Less sick leave absence

Less sick leave absence due to stress and work related injuries among staff.

Improve planning

Continuously registered changes and
real-time data improves planning.

Savings on time spent

Savings on products, time spent on leakages, less laundry and waste.

Motivated staff

Effective and discreet continence care leads to more quality time with residents.

ABENA Nova is

Leverage the potential of digital continence care

ABENA Nova is the first and leading digital continence solution providing real-time and actionable data for timely and personalized continence care.

The incontinence product has integrated sensors and a separate personal clip that constantly measures the degree of saturation. The clip sends information via the cloud to the WetSens Monitor app, allowing caregivers to take timely action when it is time for a change.

Explore the opportunities, challenges and potentials of digital continence care from a management point of view.

Tested at nursing homes and specialty care institutions

Unique results have been demonstrated

Thoroughly tested on more than 1 million incontinence products.

*The digital incontinence product ABENA Nova with MediSens has been tested at nursing homes and specialty care institutions in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden,
USA, and Denmark. The figures above are average results from these case studies.

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Explore how digital continence care improves care and quality of life, based on the practical experiences from several care institutions that have tested and implemented ABENA Nova with MediSens.