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Bangs Have Nursing Home in Denmark

Discover the Pattern in Incontinence Care 

At the Nursing Home Bangs Have in Denmark they are constantly ahead when it comes to incontinence care. This means fewer disturbances and more dignified care for residents with incontinence.  

“With ABENA Nova’s digital tracking of residents urination we have gotten an overview of the individual’s natural pattern, which makes it easier to plan when to change incontinence products and avoid leakages,” Karen Høyer, manager of Bangs Have explains. 

Nurse Tailia Skovsted shares more about the noticeable differences they have experienced in daily care. 

Increased Quality of Life 

“It has always been a balancing act to ensure that manual checks and changes of incontinence products take up as little attention as possible while also avoiding leakages. ABENA Nova lets us know when it is time for a change which makes it possible for us to adapt to the individual’s daily routine and circadian rhythm. This means that changing their incontinence product only takes their attention when it needs to. This increases residents’ quality of life,” Tailia Skovsted shares. 

“This means that changing their incontinence product only takes their attention when it needs to. This increases residents’ quality of life,”

Tailia Skovsted

More Knowledge – Better Care 

For one resident it was particularly difficult for the employees at Bangs Have to figure out the pattern of urination during the night. To the resident’s great frustration, most mornings, therefore, began in a wet bed. 

“To her, ABENA Nova meant an entirely new way of starting the day,” says Tailia Skovsted. “Suddenly we had a tool that showed us exactly when and how often during the night, she needed to have her incontinence product changed, and when we could let her sleep through the night.” 

Both Karen and Tailia agree that the digital data has meant an improved overview, better scheduling, and a more dignified continence care at the nursing home.