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Sensor technology for incontinence products

Delivers actionable insights

Based on innovative and unique wireless connection to digital sensors.

The sensors in the incontinence product continuously register changes in wetness levels and share real-time information to caregivers on a mobile device via the WetSens Monitor app.

ABENA Nova is

Comprised of the following elements

ABENA Nova_Premium quality 1

Premium quality

Premium incontinence products with integrated sensors.

Sustainable choice

Reduced incontinence products makes sustainability effects considerable.

Integrated sensor

Small and integrated sensors, which does not affect user comfort in any way.

WetSens Monitoring

WetSens Monitor app continuously registers the degree of saturation.

More quality time

Effective and discreet care leads to more quality time with residents.

Environmental & health care certifications

Including the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

How it works

The incontinence product has integrated sensors and contains a personal clip that measures saturation. The clip transmits information via Bluetooth and 4G network to the WetSens Monitor app, which is installed on the caregivers mobile device. The app allows caregivers to track saturation levels and take timely action when it is time for a change.

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Explore how sensor technology for incontinence products improves care and quality of life, based on the practical experiences from several care institutions that have tested and implemented ABENA Nova with MediSens.

A smart solution for incontinence

What is ABENA Nova?

ABENA Nova is the first and leading digital continence solution providing real-time and actionable data for timely and personalized continence care. ABENA Nova is comprised of the following elements:

  • Premium quality incontinence product with integrated sensors
  • Personal clip that logs and sends data
  • User-friendly app and data storage