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Takes the prize with MediSens

Friday, March 16 2018

ABENA Nova with MediSens was announced winner of the prestigious Dutch Healthcare Innovation Prize (Nationale Zorginnovatieprijs) from among 136 innovations. 

The most innovative company

The National Healthcare Innovation Award rewards the most innovative company in the Healthcare and Welfare Sector. This year, the award ceremony was held during the plenary closing program of Health Valley Event in Nijmegen. 

ABENA Nova with MediSens is the world’s first truly intelligent continence solution for everyday use. It provides insights to support caregivers in nursing and residential homes whilst giving a personalized approach to continence care that also encourages best practice. 

ABENA Nova MediSens prize

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The continence care of tomorrow

With ABENA Nova, caregivers are provided with real-time actionable data that help them time every-day care activities to the individual resident. Incontinence products are changed exactly when they need to be changed. 

The result is caregivers who are able to learn more about a resident’s behavior over time, and empowering them to improve general procedures based on actionable insights. 

Lastly, the many sensors in the incontinence product registers every detail about where in the product the urine is detected and how it spreads in the incontinence product. This is information the manufacturer can use to develop and optimize the incontinence products.

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