Innovating the future of continence care with ABENA Nova

ABENA Nova is the result of visionary minds who dared to reimagine the future of continence care.

We imagined a future where we no longer accepted leaks, rashes and wet diapers as a fact of life in continence care. A future where care feels like home, and caregivers have time to personalize care. With ABENA Nova, we had a vision that innovative sensor technology merged with ABENA’s knowledge and premium incontinence products could free time and improve quality of life for caregivers and users.

Rethinking the future of continence care

Less leakages. Reduced workload. More time for quality care.

Maintaining and improving the standards for continence care in the years to come is a real challenge facing society.  And at ABENA, we believe quality of life and continence care go hand-in-hand. When residents in nursing homes and care facilities are incontinent, it is not uncommon to hear about physical discomfort, invasion of privacy, loss of dignity, and interrupted sleep. These are just a few of the ways incontinence affects quality of life.

About ABENA Nova

At ABENA we believe quality of life and continence care go hand-in-hand. With an increasing population over the age of 60 and a growing need for qualified caregivers, maintaining and improving the standards for continence care In the years to come is a real challenge facing society today.

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The continence care of tomorrow is ready for you today

With ABENA Nova, caregivers are provided with real-time actionable data that help them time every-day care activities to the individual resident. Incontinence products are changed exactly when they need to be changed.

The result is caregivers who are able to learn more about a resident’s behaviour over time, and empowering them to improve general procedures based on actionable insights.

Lastly, the many sensors in the incontinence product registers every detail about where in the product the urine is detected and how it spreads in the incontinence product. This is information the manufacturer can use to develop and optimize the incontinence products.

Are you ready to meet the continence care demands of the future?

Digital continence care supports a personalized approach, putting the individual resident center-stage and offering new opportunities to improve quality of life.

The impact of digital continence care is profound and has the potential to bring about lasting, positive changes to daily practices, staff satisfaction, and happiness among residents and their relatives.

Explore the benefits of digital continence care