More time for quality care

Reduce the workload and ease the physical burden on your back

Incontinence can be unpredictable. Digital continence care makes it manageable 

It is not unusual that changes, leakages and other tasks related to continence care take up about 80 minutes per resident per day. With digital continence care, it is possible to reduce the workload and free up time for more quality time with residents.

Digital continence care relieves caregivers of the physical strain of continence care while freeing up time for personal care.

Explore the benefits of digital continence care

ABENA Nova is the leading digital continence solution for everyday use, providing real-time insights for timely and personalized continence care.

The solution is easy to use and consists of ABENA's state-of-the art incontinence product with integrated sensors, a personal clip, and the WetSens Monitor App. The personal clip transmits information from the incontinence product  to the WetSens Monitor app, which is installed on the caregivers mobile device. The app allows caregivers to track saturation levels and take timely action when it is time for a change.

Information about urination patterns are stored on the WetSens platform and can be used to optimize care tasks.


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ABENA Nova is changing the world of continence care

More time for personalized care

Less stress and strain in daily work

Fewer leakage episodes and less wet beds

Planning of good continence care from day one

More quality time with residents

Improved quality of life


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Explore the opportunities of digital continence care based on the practical experiences from several care institutions that have tested and implemented ABENA Nova with MediSens.



Unique results have been demonstrated

*The digital incontinence product ABENA Nova with Medisens has been tested at nursing homes and specialty care institutions in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, USA, and Denmark. The figures above are average results from these case studies.