The technology

Sensor technology delivers actionable insights

ABENA Nova uses a unique wireless connection to digital sensors to deliver actionable insights to caregivers. The sensors in the incontinence product continuously register changes in wetness levels and share real-time information to caregivers on a mobile device via the WetSens Monitor app.

Users call ABENA Nova an easy to implement, plug-and-play solution. All it takes is 1-2 hours of introduction to the system and use of the clip and app.  When the system is up and running, it allows caregivers to act independently on real-time information and schedule routines around the single resident.

ABENA Nova is comprised of the following elements

Premium quality incontinence product with integrated sensors

Personal clip that logs and sends data

User-friendly app and data storage.


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The incontinence product has integrated sensors and contains a personal clip that constantly measures the degree of saturation. The sensor is activated by moisture.

The clip is a data-logging and -transmitting device that sends data from the incontinence product to the cloud. It transmits information via Bluetooth and 4G network via the cloud to the WetSens Monitor app, which is installed on the caregivers mobile device. Every time the clip is attached to an incontinence product, it registers and gives notifications to the app. The app allows caregivers to track saturation levels and take timely action when it is time for a change.

ABENA Nova is designed with the highest standards for data security to create a resilient IT architecture from resident to cloud.


How ABENA Nova works:

  1. Accurate built-in sensors: Residents wear an ABENA Nova incontinence product with integrated sensors and a small attachable clip
  2. Stable infrastructure: Data is transmitted to the cloud irrespective of the facility’s physical environment and IT setup
  3. Real-time actionable insights: caregivers are notified (via mobile device) and take action

Through a secure wireless connection, the clip sends data from the incontinence product to the app. Caregivers can continuously monitor the saturation level: when green the incontinence product does not need changing, when yellow there is some wetness and the product needs changing within one hour, while red means immediate action is needed. This can be because of the wetness level, risk of leakage, or because the incontinence product has been on for the maximum amount of time, e.g. 8 hours.

Information about urination patterns is collected over a period of time and can be used to plan continence care according to individual needs.

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